Monday, December 10, 2012


   Seems like all my inspiration and creativity these days starts with something found through Pinterest. And this is no exception! I came across a neat idea of sharing a photo a day of a special Christmas ornament, with an explanation or special memory. So, that is my plan. I'm obviously very behind so I will do 2 a day until I catch up. ;) 
   If you would like more info to join in, the original idea came from here: an added bonus, I found a cool homeschooling blog to follow. 

  Two of my first Christmas ornaments. Doesn't get much better than that! I actually had 2 "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments. The other one was a cute yellow plastic rattle, with a nursery scene inside. My parents gave me that, and several other childhood favorites, when I got married. Unfortunately, we had an apartment fire 3 years ago and lost most of them. Thankfully, these were still at my parents and I acquired them last year. Makes me cherish them even more!

   Do you have a favorite ornament? Maybe from your first Christmas? Or one you, or your child, made? A precious family ornament handed down from a grandparent? I'd love to hear about them!