Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick Recap

Just a quick post to re-cap the projects I have done the past few weeks. I know this posting is long overdue, but hopefully now that my household is healthy again, I can get back into a routine.

Steelers cookies for my family for the Superbowl

Valentine from Lily...using stamps and her fingerprints

Another handmade Valentine using fingerprints

This Valentine idea is not original by me, but I honestly don't remember where I came across it. It is such a neat idea for loved ones far away. I drew and cut out Lily's handprints and had her stamp on them with acrylic paint/sponges. I cut a piece of ribbon the length of her outstretched arms and attached it to the back of the handprints. Using small circle velcro pieces, I attached the handprints to the paper. I wrote out the saying and attached it using pop dots. (I wish I would have taken the time to type up the saying, but by this point Lily was so done with craft time!) The idea behind the valentine is the person can detach the handprints and wrap them around themselves for a special "Lily hug" from far away. :)

Hope you are all enjoying the day! It's a gorgeous one here in VA, hoping for some outside playtime with the kids on this long holiday weekend.

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