Monday, January 31, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

I often find that the most challenging, difficult tasks are typically the most rewarding. I would definitely say that is true of my first attempt at this stacked boutique hairbow. I am both amazed and embarrassed to admit this thing took 4 hours and 5 or 6 re-do's...and I still see all of its imperfections. However, I look at the finished product with pride knowing that I stuck it out through all the mistakes and came up with a decent hairbow.

This was a project I have been wanting to do for months, but knew how challenging it would be to learn. One thing you will find out about me, if you don't already know, is that I tend to be a perfectionist. I expect to make a perfect product the first time I learn it. Now, we all know the age old saying, "Practice makes Perfect". I do believe that, as I have seen my craft techniques develop over the years. However, I get very frustrated with myself if I feel I made any mistakes. The benefit of my perfectionism is in the quality of my products. I don't skimp on materials, or my time. I put my whole heart into something. I am constantly looking for a "better" way of making something, not neccessarily a "cheaper" way. Ask anyone in my family, and they will tell frustrates me to no end when I see people trying to sell poorly constructed crafts.

Now, back to what I know you all really come to the website for...

This hairbow was M2MG (Made to Match Gymboree).

Attached to a crocheted hat

My model, my inspiration, my "girly-girl", my beautiful Lily!

Thanks for visiting! :)

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  1. You did an awesome job. Lily looks adorable as usual. Have a great day!